President Iran: Israel’s Manless Crime Will Not Stay Unanswered

His anger at the blow to the consular office of the Iranian embassy was expressed to the president of Emprahim Raisi. “This cowardly crime will not remain unanswered,” were the words of Iran’s President Emprahim Raisi about the blows yesterday, Monday (01.04.2024), at the consular office of the Iranian embassy in Damascus, attributed to Israel, of which 7 members of the Guards of the Revolution were killed. “Day after day we see stronger the resistance front and the abhorrence and hatred of free nations against Israel’s illegal nature” “and this cowardly crime will not remain unanswered,” the Iranian president stressed in a statement. He also condemned the “inhuman, aggressive and repugnant act of invasion as a blatant violation of international rules”. As noted, Israel “wrote the blind killings on its agenda” after “the repeated defeats and failures” it has suffered “against the faith and will of the militants of the Resistance Front”, but “it should know that it will never achieve its grim goals by such inhuman means.” The attack, attributed to Israel, targeted the consular office of the Iranian embassy in Damascus and cost the life to 11 people, of whom seven were Guards of the Revolution, an elite body of Iran’s armed forces. Tehran pledged to respond to this unprecedented raid on Iran’s diplomatic mission building in Syria, where Tehran and its allies support President Bashar al-Assad’s authority. Iran’s Supreme National Security Council met yesterday in the presence of President Raisi and made the “necessary decisions”, he said the same in a statement, without giving more clarification.

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