Presentation: The new MINI Countryman in Greece – Prices and publications

Available in the Greek market is the brand new Countryman, in its third generation, more large and comfortable than ever, offers plenty of space for a family, modern and fun environment and at the same time driving pleasure. The new MINI Countryman is not so… mini, but a family SUV that lacks nothing. It maintains the same “square” philosophy in its exterior design, but has grown in dimensions compared to its predecessor, giving even more space for passengers and their suitcases. More specifically, the 3rd generation of Countryman is larger in length by 13cm, reaching 4.433mm, while the width is 1.843mm and the height 1,656 mm. Increasing the wheelbase to 2.692mm helps further upgrade comfort. Modern exterior design with simple and clean lines and surfaces, while the slightly curved roof of the new Countryman goes seamlessly to column C, which features a different shape similar to the version. In this way there is strongly the element of differentiation between models and equipment options and thus the individual character of each Countryman is highlighted depending on its version. Similarly, inside the appearance is impressive, as is attention to detail as usual in the British brand. Fresh and modern design, pleasant atmosphere, quality materials and environmentally friendly, flawless fit and funky features and functions. The dashboard and door panels have 2D textile knitted lining made of recycled polyester. Attention is immediately drawn to the unique OLED touch screen with a diameter of 9.44 inches, at the center of the dashboard, which gives the feeling of hovering. There all the necessary information and functions of the car are illustrated with orders given through touch or voice commands thanks to the MINI Operating System 9. The minimalist interior also means the absence of the instrument board, with Head Up Display having assumed its role in the main information relating to the driver. Spaciousness is characteristic, now the rear passengers make no retreat. Also, with the rear seat folded, even bulky objects can be easily moved to the luggage space, which has a capacity of 460 to 1,450lt. The new Countryman is the first to be built in Germany and based on the FAAR platform, as are BMW X1 and X2 with all the technological advantages this entails. For example, in the new generation of the model, MINI Countryman is the first vehicle with level 2 assistance systems that allow autonomous driving. In addition, in addition to automatic parking operations and the Parking View 360 degrees, the new MINI Countryman is able to more clearly identify possible parking spaces thanks to 12 ultrasound sensors and four Surround View cameras, and can also start independent parking procedures in a limited space. As part of the optional Parking Assistant Professional, the vehicle can self-park independently via smartphone using the new Remote Parking mode. If there is no sufficient space on the side of the vehicle, MINI Countryman uses this function to get out of the parking space alone, facilitating the driver to board. The new Countryman is available in 4 equipment versions: Essential, Classic, Favoured and JCW Trim, offering a wide range of individualization options. Depending on the level of equipment, different body and roof finishes are available, as well as various interior colors. The expressive Favoured version, with the contrast ceiling and the frame of the front mask in vibrant silver, gives elegant touches to the body’s Smokey Green color. The 20 inch rims in the aerodynamicly optimized Windmill Spoke two-tone design highlight the dynamic appearance of MINI Countryman C. Engines The rich range of engines can meet all needs and preferences, since it includes both thermal and – for the first time – purely electric versions, yet another advantage of using the FAAR platform. With regard to thermal sets, there are available an oil-powered and three gasoline-powered options. The basic MINI Countryman C version is supplied with a mill hybrid 48V three-cylinder 1,500-yard TwinPower Turbo petrol engine that delivers 170PS and 280Nm torque. From stop to 100km/h to 8.3sec, while the top speed reaches 212km/h. According to the manufacturer, average consumption is 6.1-6.5lt/100km. It follows the four-wheeled dilitre Countryman S ALL4, also with a mild hybrid system that delivers 218PS. At the top we meet the four-wheeled John Cooper Works ALL4 equipped with the fully renewed 2.0lt TwinPower Turbo of 300PS and 400Nm torque. The JCW from a stop reaches 100km/h to just 5.4sec, while the top speed is electronically limited to 250km/h. The range of thermal versions completes the anterior version Countryman D with a diesel engine dilitre with a mild hybrid system of 48V and a total efficiency of 163PS. With regard to electric versions, Countryman is available in the adjunct edition Countryman E with a performance of 204PS and the four-wheeled SE ALL4 combination performance of 313PS. Version E uses an electric motor with a maximum torque of 250Nm. Countryman E accelerates from stop to 100km/h to 8.6sec. The two electric motors of the four-wheeled MINI Countryman SE ALL4 produce a combined torque of 494Nm and SE ALL4 performs “0-100” in 5.6sec. One lithium ion battery with a capacity of 66.45kWh pronounces 462km autonomy for version E and 433km for SE ALL4, in the WLTP cycle. On the road Starting at the Tower of Beekeeper, where our initial acquaintance with the brand new MINI Countryman and specifically the introductory version C, we had the opportunity to take a brief driving taste on a beautiful route of the Athenian Riviera that included what one needs to understand from the car in a first brief contact. The choice of this route was made by Driving Academy, while its owners, Thomas and Nicolas Papapaschos, undertook to analyze us and explain in detail the new programs and functions of Countryman before starting driving. The driving position is expected ideal for our proper and safe driving. The settings on a seat and steering wheel made it easier to find her immediately. Driving the MINI Countryman C, satisfaction immediately came from even the main 1,500-year-old engine, which has power from low turns and silent operation. Inside the cabin you live calmly and civilizedly, the rolling quality is at a very good level, as is sound insulation and absorption from the posts, while they do not disturb vibrations, even with the 20-yard rims that our Countryman had. Comfort is ideally balanced with the most sporty road behavior, which… is displayed in the best way in the Go Kart (Sport) program, where it changes mapping. Drivers, MINI Experience Modes, as they are called, capture changes by digital and visual means. By pressing the “Experiences” switch, different driving modes are activated. The steering wheel has a good feel and is accurate, however, the paddles behind the hoop were missing to participate in changing relationships, which one can find in the John Cooper Works trim equipment package. Price and Publications of MINI Countryman: Countryman C 1.5 170 PS Essential: 34,500 euros Countryman C 1.5 170 PS Classic: 37,900 euros Countryman C 1.5 170 PS Favoured: 38,500 euros Countryman C 1.5 170 PS John Cooper Works: 41.451 euros Countryman S4ALL 2.0 218 PS: 44,600 euros Countryman JCW 4ALL 2.0 300 PS: 57,750 euros Countryman D 2.0 163 PS: 39,900 euros Countryman E 204 PS: 43,950 euros Countryman SE ALL4 313 PS: 49,950 euros.

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