Poseidon Giannopoulos: He borrows things Christopher Papakaliatis and makes it charming

‘ With the essence of Nikos Mouratidis’s words, I can only agree with him. Both the issues with which the entertainment shows and the “pyra” of Nikos Mouratidis to Christophos Papakalitis have been mentioned Poseidon Giannopoulos speaking on the camera of the Fay’s Time show and journalist Sophia Raftopoulou, in the afternoon of Friday, in Skai. “My comment was not about Joanna Tuni, but about our show and all the tables of all the shows. Not to treat as something important, dramatic, which is not so dramatic! I respect a mother’s sacred relationship with her child, but, you guys, okay… There are mothers who have no choice, every day they leave their child somewhere to go to work. My mother was one of them and I know that in Greece 2024 countless women run from morning to night” the well-known radio producer pointed out. “We cannot, therefore, say to these women, who we want viewers, ‘ tell them what a drama he is! She went from Athens and Athens to Thessaloniki and separated her child.” Which he left? To Dad and Grandma! He didn’t leave it on the five streets! That’s what I said. So people turn their backs on television and go up the others that we talk about too much this year.” “With the essence of the so-called Nikos Mouratidis I can only agree because it is known that Christopher does well, he takes many elements from well-known series and films. When I saw the Maestro, with the money under the floor, I said “Welcome Ozark”. When I saw that in all the episodes there was a dead man, who was thrown out of the boat to sea, I said “ah, well, the Dexter”. Christophoros borrows things, he does it and apparently he does it charmingly” Poseidon Giannopoulos then completed.