POS: From today the fines in the 35 retail branches

As of today (01.04.2024) fines are imposed on any company belonging to the 35 retail sectors, which, after checking, has not been linked to it. This obligation to interconnect cash machines – POS concerns more than 136,000 freelance professionals and self-employed in retail trade, taxis, leasing companies, life insurance etc. The 35 branches that are required from today to have POS are: – Retail trade in non-specialised stores that sell mainly food, beverages or tobacco – Other retail trade in non-specialised stores – Retail trade of other foodstuffs in specialised stores – Retail trade in food, beverages and tobacco, outdoor stalls and markets – Retail trade in textiles, clothing and footwear, outdoor stalls and markets – Retail trade of other items in open-air stalls and markets – Other retail trade in non-store, outdoor ice or shopping – Exploitation of taxis – Leasing – Life insurance – Activities related to transactions in securities and goods contracts – Other activities related to financial services and pension funds – Risk assessment and losses – Insurance and pension insurance activities – Insurance and pension funds activities – Insurance and pension funds management activities – Insurance and insurance and insurance services