Pierrakakis: The first non-state university in Greece will open in 18 months

In 18 months, the first will operate in Greece, estimates by the Minister of Education and Religion, after the passage of the bill in Parliament. Kyriakos Pierrakakis, foretells, and announces, that one of the next initiatives of the government in the field of education will be the dialogue for the National Certificate, which will change the way of admission to the AEI. In an interview given to the newspaper Parapolitan, Mr Pierrakakis noted on the issue of unconstitutionality: “We listen with absolute respect to any scientific position on the subject, whether it supports our position or not. Among the two trends that were formed, we chose to trust leading professors of Constitutional and Administrative Law – Mr. Venizelos, Mr. Skouris, Mr. Alivizatos, Mr. Manitakis, Mr. Spyropoulos – the opinions that extend from that “allowed” to that “obliged” to interpret Article 16 of the Constitution.” He also reiterated that “the regulatory conditions, the conditions that this bill lays down, we have said it, I have said it since the first day and I will not stop stressing it, are the strictest in Europe. And when we say that, we break open doors. Because it is the conditions for recognition of rights in Europe that apply to colleges here today. Foreign recognition is enough. We, therefore, come here to put the dominant prism, the audit, the EMCDDA, the independent authority. From there on, as I have mentioned many times in Parliament, this timely reading of the Constitution in the light of Union law will certainly be judged by the third authority, the judicial one. And we believe that the eighteen months between now and the academic year 2025-2026 are sufficient to prepare the ground for their perfectly proper functioning.”