Pieria: In the plans digital platform for the tourist promotion of the county

Or trying to magnetize tourists inside and outside the border. O has been for decades, one of the main revenue tanks for residents of the county… The creation of a new “smart” tourist promotion website for Pieria was at the heart of the two-day information event for the members of the Holy Organization for Tourism Development and Promotion (P.O. T.A. P.). According to the Agency’s communication, the development of a digital platform involving a portal and mobile app aimed at promoting tourist and cultural interest points to the visitors of Pieria is planned. Planned applications make use of best practices to develop easy-to-use user interfaces that make the platform friendly and accessible to users. At the same time, innovative technologies are adopted, such as the personalized view of the content based on the profile of each visitor using artificial intelligence algorithms, the ability to register points of interest by users themselves and the recording of visitors’ visits and movements between points of interest in Pieria. “We follow in leading developments, but we also introduce the new IT and communication technologies in the tourism sector,” stressed Deputy Regional Commissioner Pieria, Sophia Mauridou. “The innovative fields developed in the evolving virtual and enhanced reality systems and not only coexist with the wider tourism sector. They undoubtedly contribute to the promotion and improvement of the tourist product and we will certainly follow them and highlight them in the interests of the development of Pieria.” he added. “Through this information meeting we all became more fully aware and socially aware of new technological applications, necessary to progress developmentally and productively in the future. It is an innovation that we will implement, because the features of virtual and increased reality as well as related technologies are an important aspect of international tourism marketing. I think that the benefits of the implementation of realities will prove profitable for Pieria,” the president of the P.O. pointed out. HR, George Karalis. Part of the new digital technologies (artificial intelligence, enhanced reality, virtual reality, etc.) presented Professors of both the University of Macedonia (Department of Applied Informatics and Department of Organization and Business Administration) and the Department of Topography and Geoinformatics Engineering of the University of Western Attica. Cooperation with these institutions is a continuation of the existing cooperation initiated and continued by P.O.T.A. P. with the Department of Supply Systems Administration (Logistics) of the International University of Greece. Representatives of local government and tourism operators participated in the information meeting.