Photos document from the wild attack on Ermou – The moment Iranian stabs 22 year old

Photos document that record the moment the Iranian attacks with 22-year-old noon in , “see” the light of publicity. The vicious attack with a knife against the young girl in Ermou had shocked the nationwide, with the 22-year-old being heavily wounded by the strong blows of Iranian. In the document photos, which brings to the public Live News and which are from a closed-circuit TV camera next door, the moment the Iranian stabs the 22-year-old is reflected. According to eyewitnesses, the perpetrator held the knife of the attack tight in his hands, while remaining in calm psychological condition until the police handcuffed him. The 22-year-old student was transferred to Evangelism, where she was undergoing surgery, as she brought deep injuries to the side and lung. He’s recovering now. It is recalled that in his testimony the perpetrator had argued that he attacked the 22-year-old, because he thought he was “a spy who was stalking him.”