Peristeri: In the drug-trafficking “faca” spiral – 3 kg of heroin and pistol were found

Three-member gang moving to Athens was arrested on Saturday afternoon (1.4.2024) in . According to the police announcement, three people a man and two women aged 58, 45 and 40 were arrested in Peristeri for violating the legislation on essential substances and weapons. Furthermore, the 58-year-old is also accused of violence against employees. The 58-year-old in police sight tried to avoid control and pushed the police, but in vain. From research in their home they were found, among other things, and seized: gun with 27 cartridges, 3 kg and 380 g of heroin, 11.5 g of raw cannabis, 79 pharmaceutical tablets, electric discharge device (taser), folding rod, handcuffs, 2 electronic precision scales, 2 cars, 4 cell phones and money amounts of 1,825 euros, 14,000 kronor Iceland, 200 dollars Canada and 60 pounds UK. The prisoners were taken to the competent prosecutor.

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