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    (Title) unbearable still be renting the aerial firefighting for the Greek government, although rents have fallen this year, after repeated complaints from the Greek side to the companies themselves enoikiasis.Tin time, research on the expensive hiring of firefighting helicopters over the years 2008 and 2009 conducted by the District Attorney of Athens in May.
    The prosecutor investigating the matter urged the podium of the House the Secretary of Citizen Protection, Spiros Vougias, who in response to a timely question of Member of SYRIZA, A. Leventis, revealed that in 2009 the Ministry of Public Order, hired by the company «Erickson Air-Crane» 5 helicopters which paid 35% more expensive this year.
    Next, Mr. Vougias explained that after a ‘simple’ as defined it, negotiate with its parent company, the Civil Protection Department has rented for 1.25 million euros cheaper each helicopter.
    Indeed, in 2009 each Helicopter cost 4.45 million euros, while this year’s bid was 3.2 million euros “for the same helicopters for the same period of four months, with the same maintenance, as explained by Mr Vougias. In 2009, five helicopters leased S 64 versus 19.5 million euros this year while three helicopters, the same type of expenditure would only amount to 9.6 million.
    According to the Fire Brigade, in 2009 the total cost rental of aerial firefighting reached 31,688,649 euros. In 2010 the leased firefighting helicopters will cost the Greek government 19.086 million euros.
    The discount certainly was not voluntarily by companies, but because of pressure exerted on them by the Fire Headquarters.

    Since late 2009, the relevant departments of the Civil Protection Department conducted a survey on market rental rates of the same helicopters to other countries. The inquiry found that Greece has paid higher prices compared with other states on the same helicopter and the same services.
    At the beginning of the year the Fire Department requested a reduction of rental prices by 30% -40% of the companies have the helicopter while it was ongoing contest. The renegotiation of the companies bore fruit, and saved for the Greek government about 13 million, compared to last year.
    Noted that helicopters «Erickson S64», according to experts, is the most combatant for his hard work of firefighting and American pilots who drive are the best in the world.
    The helicopters were used in the Vietnam War and today are greater than users of other helicopters, despite having less water capacity. The «Erickson S64» can carry 9 tonnes of water, while helicopters type «Sicorsky 64E» portability have 15 tons of water.

    Students of F City made the first steps in adopting the author using the school, their schools’ Dionysios Solomos, five beautiful stories entitled “In a nutshell».
    The stories are inspired by works of famous painters such as Pablo Picasso, of Klee, Van Gogh and Bonar. The children were divided into groups and let their imagination to create based on what they saw in paintings. So they built complete stories full of life. Stories without placing excessive, do not have anything to envy from what many literary books.
    In addition to his writing talents of young students, demonstrated clearly that the team spirit and collegiality will produce miracles, something really very instructive the days we live. If you fall into your hands read. You will discover that our children see the world like a fairy tale, but know how to stand the harsh realities and the age of twelve years have put to the change.
    As for teachers who were helpers in this effort, The first thing you think someone is that they truly deserves the title of teacher.

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