“Pavlov or two seconds before crime” at the Station Theatre

Gustavo Ott’s bizarre, terrifying comedy “Pavlov or two seconds before the crime” comes to Gustavo Ott’s station “Pavlov or two seconds before the crime” by Gustavo Ott, comes to the station theatre starring Dionysia Balamotis, Vassilis Butchiko, Iokasti Papanikolaou, Dionysis Pifea, and Stratis Hatzistamatiou, directed by Dimitris Apostolopoulos, from 15 April and every Monday and Tuesday. Five actors, seven roles, a deck, a snake, and Maradona join forces to tell stories about our relentless manipulation by the M.M. And our addiction to keyhole syndrome. A few words about the project Amanda is the presenter of the evening radio show “Amanda de las notches”. Along with Eduardo, her assistant, they offer unhappy people who are unable to sleep at night a little company. Their services include advice on erotics, tarot cards, interpretation of dreams, psychological support and anything else each listener can ask for. When Amanda is found murdered inside the radio station with a knife stabbed in the back, then “the listeners” become the main suspects of her murder. How can they murder a man if they are not aware of their actions? Gustavo Ott’s “Pavlov or two seconds before crime” project, written in 1986 in Venezuela, first rises in Greece. “It’s an experiment, the dog’s drool runs every time he hears the bell. It’s called an dependent reflex.” Distribution Paco: Stratis Hatzistamatiou Pili: Dionysia Balamotis Amanda: Iokasti-Agay Papanikolaou Mauricio: Vassilis Boutsikos Eduardo: Dionysis Pifeas *From 13/5 Dionysis Pifeas replaces Paris Alexandropoulos Coefficients Author: Gustavo Ott Translation: Sergios Kobogiorgas Directed by Dimitris Apostolopoulos Dramaturgical Editing: Nikos Manousakis Scene-Kostoumias: Vicky Pantziou Assistant stager: Natalia Astyplitisms: Maritta Pavlaki Movement: Marina Tsapekou Music design: Babis Alefantis Construction of stage: Nikos Dentakis Photos: Alina Keki Contact: Victoria Apostolopoulou Production Address: Dimitris Giannopoulos Production: SANDBOX AMKE. “The license for the presentation of the project from theatre stage was granted by the Greek company THE ARTBASSADOR / Performing Arts Management ( ) on behalf of the author GUSTAVO OTT and this agent SGAE ( ).”