Pavlos Marinakis: Answers for “astacockarava” Kasselakis and “para-systems” Tsipras

In the reports of two newspapers, a statement by the government representative concerning Alexis Tsipras is quoted. In particular, Paul Marinakis comments on the business activities of Stefanos Kasselakis abroad, but also about the “para-system” when Alexis Tsipras was Prime Minister and invites them to give answers. Statement by the Deputy Secretary of State against Prime Minister and Government Representative Paul Marinakis Today’s report in the newspaper “First Theme” presents the business activities of Mr. Kasselakis abroad and the companies with the “astacockarava” as he called them in an interview. On the other hand, in the newspaper “APOGYMATINI” the former Minister of Justice of the Syriza Government Mr. Kontonis, following the admission of Kouloglou to “political decisions” in Novartis’ case, after the “ministeries” reveals a whole “para-system” in the case, set up by Mr. Tsipras and his staff. From the reports arise relentless questions asking for answers from Mr. Kasselakis and Mr. Tsipras. How many companies does the leader of SYRIZA have abroad? What exactly are the professional activities of Mr. Kasselakis who constantly assures us vaguely that we know everything about him, but basically it turns out that we have much more to learn? It would be good for Greek citizens to learn them “indirectly” rather than from newspaper reports. As far as Mr Tsipras is concerned, should we finally know how many more “unfortunate” moments he has had? What kind and how many “para-systems” worked on his days? The former and current president of SYRIZA cannot hide behind their finger anymore. They must give concrete answers, instead of starring in miserable and slanderous attacks on Greece, appearing as alleged defenders of the rule of law.