Patrick Caleus died: Paul Glyxburg and Anna Mary say goodbye to the last palace priest

Crushed are his and his mother, from the death of a loved one and specifically the priest Patrick Kaleeous. With a post on Instagram Paul Glyxburg, the son of the former King Constantine, said goodbye to Patrick Kaleeus, saying: “A holy man, a real priest, Patrick Caleos, left us”, while his mother Anna Maria spoke at Step about the great loss. And he did a story on Instagram about the last palace priest. “My family and I personally say goodbye to him with absolute respect and deep gratitude,” he completed. The 83-year-old clergyman was the last prime minister of the palaces, a deeper connoisseur of the church protocol, which he studied in the background of the centuries since the early years of the Byzantine Empire, reports the publication that Paul Glyxburg posted to Instagram. Patrick Kaleios was also present at the funeral of the former King Constantine in January 2023 in the Metropolis of Athens. Anna Maria Glyxburg, speaking at Step, noted that: “It was a prop for us. But also a spiritual man with special courtesy and humility.” He continued: “An endless source of energy that yielded an important work, part of which is the rebirth of Albania’s church. He was always part of our family’s life and my husband had sincere respect for his face. For us he has been a model and Holy Power and we will always feel his presence in our lives.”