Patras, greece : Cuffed to the director-monkey of YOU who made a specialty in Hospital “Agios Andreas”

In the hands of the Interpol fell to the Director – a doctor monkey of YOU who… had passed, and from Patras, as well as years ago he had a residency at a hospital “Agios Andreas” – even though I had a degree – he took the specialty of general Medicine.
The story of the monkey-doctor might as well be a movie. Before 24 hours was written and the last page of the thriller search for the fugitive physician, who for 14 years held unlawfully the position of director of General Medicine in a Multi-Regional Clinic in Skyros.
Sources from the headquarters of the Ιnterpol, confirmed that John Καστάνης was arrested a few days ago in the US and is expected to be issued in the near future in Greece.
The story of “doctor”, who served as Director of the Health Centre to the NHS on the island of Skyros, surpassed any previous fraud case.
The Body of Inspectors of Health, after thorough checks proceeded to the revelation of the alleged doctor, and the result is catapult.
John Καστάνης made a career in the NHS without degrees, since the degrees from the university of Rome La Sapienza, is non-existent, while the dossier to the Ministry of Health had vanished.
The scam actually starts from 1993, when the arrested person acquired by the public Health directorate of the prefecture of Argolida, the license to practice their profession. Before his appointment in Skyros, again with the same fake certificates, he did his residency at the hospital Saint Andreas of Patras.
In 18σέλιδο report was prepared on 26 September 2013 by the ministry of Health noted that the “doctor” had brought criminal charges for forgery after use because it with fake data, showed three πατρώνυμα! – issued identity on 16 March 2007 the Security Department of Paleo Faliro.
The life and the state of…
In the 13 years that he enjoyed his title as director of General Medicine, the presence of only subtle it was not.
He liked to gamble and the secular life. He walked around in a Ferrari, and he had a private plane (piper). Did plastic surgery in Kolonaki, organized with a profit αεροδιακομιδές with a privately owned aircraft while he was blamed for issuing false cheques.
The controls of Georgiadis – Ρακιντζή
At that time, mr. Leandros Stars had stated that it ordered an investigation on the activity of the former director of the YOU with control over the bank accounts, tax returns and other points. Many of the offenses are barred due to lapse twenty years. He remained, however -according to him – the active offence of αντιποίησης authority.
“By the end of 2013 with a mandate of my own and of the General Secretary, mr Kalliris, the services of the Ministry of Health began a thorough check of the authenticity of diplomas.
“The case of a particular doctor had started two years ago, when a citizen made a complaint. In the summer of 2013 we started the process through the statutory procedures and before a month was signed the decision of expulsion, which was published recently. It seems that there was someone unreasonably large enrichment of a particular doctor checked how it happened. In any case, I have checked everything to everyone”, he said the former health minister and current vice-president of the ND, Adonis Georgiadis.