PAS Giannina – Panetolikos 1-1: Sharing to the Zosimades with “lost” the hosts

He emerged tied with a score of 1-1 against , with the two teams sharing by one point, for the Super League’s second playout race. PAS Giannina and Panetolikos wanted the three points of victory, however the final 1-1 resulted in the two teams sharing a degree, a result that favors guests more. The reason is that PAS remained in the final position of the Super League with 19 points and is the number one favourite for relegation. The game started without a particular pace, with the Continentals being slightly better. In fact in the 25th usual suspect Pedro Conte made 1–0 for PAS, with the Spanish striker scoring, following Soria’s beautiful pass. 1–0 stayed until the end of the first part, with Panetolic in the replay succeeding in finding the goal of equalization thanks to Dias in 70–1. 1-1 remained unchanged until the end of the match, with the two teams sharing by one point. However, Paneolikos was won, as he remained above the relegation zone, having +2 from the last Kifissia and +5 from the sky PAS Giannina. PAS Giannina: Nagi, Soria, Eramuspe, Pantelakis, Kiakos (78′ l. t. Tsaousis), Gino (87′ Rosales), Karahalios, Rienstra (70′ Jimmas), Pamlidis, Rossero (71′ Leo), Conte. Pantetolikos: Capino, Economou, Mladen (55′ Peres), Tabindze, Maurias, Juanpi (87′ Lavas), Tsigaras (66′ Lomonako), Hatzitheodoridis (66′ Duarte), Toren, Diaz (87′ Bakakis), Karelis.

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