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(Title) New series of procedures to facilitate access to land in the Gaza Strip, said Israel, saying it would soon allow the enclave in the movement of all goods except weapons and materials can be used to manufacture weapons.
In a statement issued by the office of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Beniamin states that Israel “as soon as possible” will publish a list of prohibited goods, so everything else that will not in list will be moved to the blocked enclave controlled by the Islamic group Hamas.

This new procedure will allow the import of building materials for housing programs under international supervision and increase the flow of various goods to the isolated Palestinian area.
The White House welcomed Israel’s decision to relax land blockade of Gaza and announced that President Barack Obama will discuss “further steps” with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel Beniamin during the visit of the latter Washington on July 6.
“We believe that implementation of the policy announced today by the Israeli government will improve the situation of people in Gaza, said in a statement by the White House spokesman.
Meanwhile The Prime Minister of Israel, Beniamin Netanyahu would meet with U.S. President Barack Obama on July 6 at the White House.

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