Paris Olympics 2024: The ‘cut’ of 800 persons for security reasons and 15 of the ‘S’ files

The French government announced on Sunday evening (31.03.2024 ) that 800 people, including 15 with the designation “S” (p.p. Islamist radicalization), were excluded from the organization of the , which will take place this summer in . The “cutting” of 800 people from the Olympic Games “Paris 2024” emerged after the 180,000 security checks currently carried out, over a million, planned. “The French need to know that we completely control all those approaching the Olympic Games. So there are the volunteers, the Lambadedromoi, the escorts. One million checks have to be carried out, we have already carried out 180,000 checks and we have eliminated 800 people, including 15 in S files,” said Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen, speaking to the news station “LCI”. “This means that there are people who wanted to register to carry the Olympic Flame, to be volunteers at the Olympic Games and who clearly did not have good intentions”, Darmanen explained, clarifying that “between these people there were radical Islamists and people of radical ecology who want to protest.” The Olympic Games (26 July – 11 August) and the Paralympic Games (28 August – 8 September) will mobilize nearly 45,000 internal security forces. The security of the events will be guaranteed by around 35,000 police and gendarmes on average per day throughout France (25,000 for the Paralympic Games). They add at least 18,000 soldiers and between 18,000 and 22,000 security agents daily. According to Darmanen 102 private security agents with “S” files were eliminated from the Olympics, while “we still have 800,000 people to control”.

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