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    {Title} Revelation was an urgent letter from the Ministry of Education were the parents of 50 students of the first school Sykies. According to this, parents are invited to directly decide whether they want their children to attend school sports, while another affirmation in writing are invited to indicate whether they carry their children through their own resources to continue to do sports activities.
    Dozens of parents of athletes who attend this school are now at an impasse since the middle of the year are required to solve the same problem moving their children if they wish to continue their children to attend school sports. “That means children can not attend a sports school, which until now did their homework and sports, but doing lessons in mainstream schools and move the bus any time you must participate in mandatory events” explains parent who received the letter. The program for students attending sports schools includes daily participation in various events, which apparently will be more than special schools.

    What is behind the letter and the declaration
    The 50 students of the Sports School Sykies housed the first high school students Sykies. So far, those who belonged to a special sports school bus used to travel, as were students from many other areas of Thessaloniki. Please note that students of the Sports School Sykies have captured first place at the European Volleyball Championships and have received numerous other awards.
    Explains Mr. Nicholas Papadopoulos parent student-athlete who attends high school in the first Sykies “substantially Ministry of Education shows us the way out of school, they will have on our own now we travel for our children “.
    From the beginning of the school year so far, a stone’s throw from the Christmas holidays now placements have become trainers and coaches in sports schools in the country, and everything indicates that thousands of students and parents actually led to an impasse, as there is now no provision for the transfer of these pupils.

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