PAOK – Vieirania: “Maybe my last year – We hope to overthrow with Dinamo Zagreb”

The 38-year-old expressed faith in his overturning and qualifying over Dinamo Zagreb, in tonight’s rematch for the Conference League’s “16” while stressing that this year’s season cannot be his last season as an active footballer. Shortly after the match of “Maksimir” and PAOK’s 2-09 defeat to Dinamo Zagreb, Mr.Adelino Vieirania spoke to Record reporters, left open the possibility of withdrawing from active action at the end of the season, admitted that “the head of the North” did not make a good appearance in Croatia, but expressed the belief that the score was overturned in tonight’s rematch. What the captain of PAOK said: – What can PAOK do in the Conference League after losing 2–0 in the first game? “It wasn’t a very good game on our part. We have the second home game and we hope to overturn the result and move on. It will be difficult because they have a very good team…” You’re 38 years old. Until when would you like to play? “I can’t reach Pepe. Maybe it’s my last year. I don’t know what’s gonna happen over the next few months, but I feel good. I hope to help the team when they need me and continue like this until the end of the season.” – Portugal looks like one of the favourites in Euro. What does a European champion have to say about this? “The favorite title is justified by our performances. Portugal has quality. It features players with great experience competing in the best championships in the world. Portugal is indeed one of the favourites.” – Does the 2016 generation compare to today’s? “They are different generations. Perhaps this generation has more international experience, especially in major teams and major European championships. Different generations. Quality has always existed. The secret to our achievement in 2016 was our unity and I believe that the new coach has already achieved it, which is proven by our results.” – How do you see Cristiano Ronaldo in his 39s and with the same thirst for titles? “It’s Ronaldo everyone knows. This ambition, this desire to always win, and that is what keeps him on the top level, regardless of the fact that he plays in Saudi Arabia. It’s an example to all players. Having Cristiano Ronaldo in the National Team is a great help and that is why it makes Portugal one of the favourites for winning the European Championship.”