PAOK – Mars 0-1: Victory for “yellow” and “fire” from the beginning in Super League 1 playoffs

He started with the… left Super League 1 playoffs, after being defeated with 1–0 in Toumba and fell from the top of the league score. Despite his supremacy from the beginning of the match, PAOK were bad aggressive and “punished” by Mars, who scored at his only good time in the first half, with Moron “writing” 1-0 in 31′ and freezing the already cold Toumba, as the game was closed to the doors at the Super League 1 playoff premiere. PAOK entered the stadium from the beginning of the race louder and took possession of the ball, but failed to find rhythm in the attack. Although he had the full superiority of the game, he did not “threat” Mars at all, with a better moment of a distant Zivkovic shot in 20′. Mars for his part did not make many players in the counterattack, but managed to score at his first good time in derby. In 31′ and from a nice offensive development from the left, the ball reached Moron in the area and he performed with a great spin shot, for the 1-0 of the “yellows” in the game. PAOK tried to “answer” with a strong shot by Otto at 37′, but the ball passed just above the beams and the score did not change in the first half. In the second part, the hosts tried to “press” for the equalization, but it was still Mars who reached closer to a goal, with Saverio missing from an advantage position within the area at 57′. PAOK then reacted and had two or three good moments with Murg, Baba and Jima, but none of them really put it hard on Cuesta. Aris “holded” the lead to the end and celebrated a great victory in the Thessaloniki derby, throwing “Double Head of the North” from the top of Super League 1.