PAOK – Lamia: “No one can push the team more than 30,000 united throats”

A message to the world was sent to him by the “white-black” FC in view of tonight’s match with the (19:30,, NS Prime) in Toumba for the 3rd Super League playoff game. PAOK seemingly has the most basic play in the 3rd Super League playoff game since he welcomes Lamia and seeks his second in series victory in the mini league, which will give him extra psychology in view of the derby at the AEK headquarters, which will judge much about the sequel. With psychology soaring, after his impressive passage from the Avenue, PAOK wants to continue victorious, waiting for a gift from the “trifl” that hosts the pioneer AEK. Razvan Lucescu’s team is the ultimate favourite for the “three-point” especially since Leonidas Vokolos’s fans have already started planning for the following season, following their impressive course this year. Romanian technician does not count Yoni Otto, Ivan Nasberg, Zivko Zivkovic due to inconveniences, to permanent injured Trost-Ekong, while leaving aside for tactical reasons and Marcos Antonio, Stefano Jima. A few hours before the Toumba race, PAOK sent a message to the fans of the team who will be on the field, making the necessary recommendations for… decent behavior, recalling the punishment of the seat, after firing a bang. What the Thessalonians report: Upon returning home, we all have a sacred obligation to keep it open, fort in our dreams and fear for our opponents. Toumba is the only stadium that has been punished under the new law for a firecracker, and no one will hesitate to do it again as the team approaches the top. The next home match is with the AEK and it is understood to everyone that today we must not escape our attention. We don’t throw torches, firecrackers, fireworks. We don’t throw any object into the field. One’s mistake is enough to get a punishment, as we have seen in the recent past. No one can protect PAOK more than their own world. And no one can push the team more than 30,000 united throats! We need you to the end! The possible elevens: PAOK (Razvan Lucescu): Kotarski – Vieiranias, Kentziora, Michaelidis, Soares – Ozdoev, Gypsy – Zivkovic, Constantelias, Tyson – Samata. Lamia (Leonidas Vokolos): Koselev – Simon, Papadopoulos, Cornezos, Sidkley – Stanko, Tzandaris – Tsiloulis, Slvka, Martinez – Malchi. Referee: Katsikogiannis Assistants: Moses, Koronas Fourth: Vergetis VAR: Zabalas, Stefanos

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