Panathinaikos: Remain outside Gentwei, Sencephald

He continues coaching in Koropi ahead of the league’s restart, with Gentwei and Sencephald remaining out, following an individual program. The interruption for the national teams gives Panathinaikos the right to wait for the return of his wounded and Gentwei and Sencephald do not yet participate in the team’s program. Absent are, of course, the internationals of the “trifle”, as well as Magnusson and Palmer – Brown, who have been put off this year. The one-and-a-half-hour briefing by Panathinaikos FC followed in Thursday’s practice at “G. Kalafatis”. The Greens started with warm-up, continued with a rodeo, continued with ball release exercise and one against one in a small space and completed with a game on half the field. An individual program was followed by Gentwei, Sencephald, their own program continued by Magnuson, Palmer – Brown while absent were international Bakasetas, Ioannidis, Zeka, Sportar, Verbitch, Cherin, Mladenovitch, Lodigin, Acaideen.