Panathinaikos – PAOK LIVE for the second game of Super League playoffs 1

He faces him on the Avenue for the 2nd Super League 1 playoffs, with the two teams fighting “fight” to “press” the AEK at the top of the score. PAOK is second, in -2 from the first place, while Panathinaikos has a degree less than the Thessalonians and the opportunity to pass them by with a derby win of the 2nd Super League games. Watch LIVE Panathinaikos – PAOK from In the last five competitions with Panathinaikos for all events there is no Green victory. Their three meetings are for the championship and both for the Greek Cup. There are three draws and two PAOK wins, with the last one on 21 February 2024 for the Greek Cup, where of course Panathinaikos then qualified for the final in the penalty procedure. Panathinaikos’ last home win for the league was on April 3, 2022 for the Super League Playoffs process. In their last eight games of independent home and event there was just a home win and this was in Round II of this year’s championship with PAOK’s home win 2-1. Of the total 76 matches of their history with Panathinaikos’ home, only eight had no finish and were completed 0–0, while their most productive days are 7 goals, 5–2 of the 2000–01 season and 4–3 of 2014–15. PAOK’s biggest win in an away game with Panathinaikos is the 3-0 of 2022-23. 76 MEETINGS 47 NICE PATHENAIC 19 ISOPALS 10 NIC PAOK GALL: 132-56