Panathinaikos: Individual for Sencephald and Gentwei, Drakowski treatment

He continues his preparation in Koropi, ahead of the Super League 1 re-opening, with Gentwei, and Dragovski remaining out of it though. The three football players also lost the recent game with Olympiacos due to injuries (Dakowski became a forced change) and have still not returned to the regular program of Panathinaikos’ training, with Gentwei and Schenkefeld again doing individual and Croatian goalkeeper treatment. The briefing from Panathinaikos FC With lunch practice at G. Kalafatis continued on Tuesday the preparation of Panathinaikos. The Greens were divided into two groups. Those who were main in the derby with the OSFF did gym exercises. The rest began with warm-up, continued with rodeo and fun games and completed with play in a limited space. An individual program was followed by Gentwei, Sencephald, Dragkovsky treatment and their own program was performed by Magnusson, Palmer – Brown.