Panathinaikos: Five goals on the second team and four days leave

In the absence of his competition obligations , due to the break for the teams’ national games, Fatih Terim scheduled a training character friendly 60 minutes with the Second team in order to keep his players at a good competitive pace. Panathinaikos prevailed with 5-0 of the B team of the “prassines”, in coaching friendly to “G. Kalafatis”, with two goals by Yeremev (10’, 43’), two by Aitor (30’, 60’) and one by Juričić (14’), while a beam by Hugo. Daniel Manchini played for 55 minutes with the Second Team. Absent were international Sporar, Cherin, Verbic, Lodigin, Acaideen while Zeka, Mladenović, were released. At the same time an individual program at the gym was made by Bakasetas, Ioannidis, who (along with Zeka) will join the National Men’s National League from Friday (15/3). Panathinaikos’ next practice is scheduled next Tuesday ( 19.03.2024 ) this afternoon. The “greens” (except internationals) took four days’ leave from Fatih Terim. The first team competed with: Xenopoulos, Vayannidis (40’ Kotsira), Juankar, Arao, Hugo, Ruben (45’ Bernar), Vilena, Aitor, Limnio (40’ Palasios), Juričić, Yeremeev. The second team competed with them: Lilo (31’ Margono), Lambsia (31’ Tourkohorite), Prodromite (45’ Symeonidis), Katri (45’ Hatzioannou), Kyriopoulos (31’ Martini), Frokou (31’ Karaba, 50’ Tseva), Athanasakopoulos (31’ Kryparakos), Sardeli (31’ Kaloskami), Manchini D. (55’ Sguro), Furtado (31’ Mantsini V.), Bilal (31’ Dabiza, 45’ Limi).