Panathinaikos – AEK LIVE for the 3rd Super League playoff competition 1

Panathinaikos faces the AEK for the 3rd Super League 1 playoff race in a derby on the Avenue, which can judge largely the “fight” of the two teams for the top of the score. After the defeat of PAOK, Panathinaikos has fallen behind the Super League 1 rating and a new loss of points will put him virtually out of claim to the title, since AEK has already escaped to +7 on top. Watch the Panathinaikos – AEK from In the last four games there is no home win, with the last two teams being in the regular season of the season 2022-23, where Panathinaikos prevailed 2-1 at its headquarters and AEK 1-0 at its own. During the previous four years of the new Playoffs process Panathinaikos has failed to take advantage of his seat in either of the four contests, where AEK won the first two with 3-1 and 1-0, while the latter two have finished tied with 1-1 and 0-0. Draws without end were completed both games for last year’s Playoffs, which is their most frequent in the process, with six of the eight games in both seats completed without a winner. The six of the last twenty for the league ended with home win, while ten of the twenty were tied. The two teams have a wide variety of scores in each other, but remains strikingly closed when there are draws. Of the 27 total contests that have ended without a winner, 12 are 1-1 and 0-0, while 3 to 2-2.73 MEETINGS 33 NIKA Panathinaikos 27 ISOPALS 13 NIKA AEK GALL : 97-61

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