Pagoni: “Meningitis is not treated at home” – These are the three main symptoms

An alert message is sent by scientists about the outbreak, the aftermath and the incidents at the University of Patras, with Matina Pagoni explaining the three suspects that should lead us to the doctor. “Meningitis is not treated at home”, stressed Matina Pagoni, speaking to ERT on Tuesday morning (12.03.24). She even pointed out that intense headache, fever and stiff neck are the three main symptoms that should put us on suspicion and alertness. “Because meningitis is this year on the rise and other years we have had more cases and deaths, good management means good tracking of incidents, so that we know which people were in contact and need to be vaccinated. The transfer to a hospital is imposed “if it is done in time, we are not afraid of anything,” said Mrs. Pagoni. And he continued: “For young children we are afraid because babies are having convulsions.” “People can go out and have fun, they can’t lock themselves up in the houses for three cases. Trace and attention is needed,” she added in view of the carnival. “The three cases between students in Patras have been traced and there are no cause for concern in view of carnival gatherings, Mrs. Pagoni concluded.

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