Padlock for THREAT CENTER SUPPORT autistic people in Nea Ionia. Volos

The Key-Note of the Campaign Politics
Image by Cornell University Library

(Title) Padlock threatens Autistic People Support Centre in Nea Ionia. One of the social structures that have never been fully operational due to lack of recruitment, now faces the risk of lock and expire in 2011, the eight-month contracts of the short staff.

There is no euro dieminyse General Welfare Secretary C. Katrivanou the Vice-Prefect Welfare Leon. Anastasios day before yesterday at the meeting in Athens.
While the vice-prefect called the meeting with the intention of asking for additional staff, even in contracts that will keep open the evening, the KeSAAM found that … Funds so leave uncertain the immediate future of six contractors now provide their services.
Through Oral Secretary of the Ministry clarified that no funds and urged a settlement of enonton, that transfers of staff from other structures placed under the jurisdiction of the 5th Health Region of Thessaly.
center’s facilities, most of which are still years now arachniazoun-closed until early afternoon hosted ten children. Six contractors and three officials, including two administrators, keep rudimentary now operates the center.
After 1 pm children leave their families back and KeSAAM closed doors until the next morning. Parents of children would take another big breath, which will help them in their work or basically everyday, if able to run the Centre Diimerefsis, until 8 pm around.
but never until now desperate voices heard by the competent ministries. The Agency KeSAAM operation, which provides a total of 80 staff, remains in drawers.
The center for many years to “bargain” even on minimum staff positions, which now is in immediate danger of failing to met by next February, when the contracts expire.
extremely concerned by the evolution of the meeting in Athens was the vice-prefect Welfare Leon. Anastasia: “There may be privileged structures blink, means personnel employed on contracts