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Out of breath easily without getting tired: What is going on

You often suffer from shortness of breath without making an effort you?
When you are performing activities that require increased oxygen consumption, the agency increases the metabolism. The movement operates, the breathing speeds up and blood pressure increases. The shortness of breath can occur when there is any disturbance in the normal these adjustments of the organism to the increased expenditure of effort.
It can also be caused by factors that are cutting off the passage of air, alter the surface of the cells or alter the normal functioning of the brain centers for breathing.
Characteristics of diseases with them such pathophysiological mechanisms are in accordance with the
-The morbid obesity
-Heart failure
-Pulmonary embolism
-Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
-Cerebrovascular diseases
Stress also disrupts the physiological adaptations of the organism to fatigue and may be the cause of easy λαχανιάσματος.
The doctor will examine objective signs (listen, lung, measurement of breathing, pressure measurement, assessment of cardiac function) and data from the medical history (co-existence of cough, haemoptysis, dyspnoea, fever) in order to make the diagnosis.

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