Operation Shields: In Djibouti Commander Vice-Admiral Basil Grupparis

It was visited on 13 and 14 March by the Commander of the European Operation Shields (EUNAVFOR ASPIDES) Vice-Admiral Basil Griparis. The Greek commander of the European Operation Shields had constructive discussions with the political authorities, while present at these meetings was the head of the EU delegation in Djibouti, Ambassador Sylvie Tabesse. This visit was an excellent opportunity to exchange views on the regional security environment and to identify opportunities for future cooperation. “Operation Shields has a defensive mandate to protect shipping targeted at attacks on the sea or air. Any action will always come as a consequence of an attack and will be necessary, proportionate and limited to international sea or airspace,” she reiterates in her announcement of the Commander’s visit to Djibouti. source: Onalert.gr