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    (Title) Ten former ministers of PASOK and New Democracy will be invited by the House Select Committee investigating the scandal Siemens voluntarily open their bank accounts and those members of families. After a consultation between officials of both parties have been instructed to draw up the list of ministers (Mr. A. Makrypidis by PASOK and Mr. Tzavaras from the SW), agreed to open accounts at all of the following 10 former Ministers: Associate of Mr Mandela, Tsohatzopoulos A., C. Papantoniou, N. Christodoulakis and Ch. Verelis by PASOK and Messrs George Voulgarakis M. Liapis, George Alogoskoufis, B. Polydoras and Ch. Markogiannaki (as deputy minister) of the Southwest.

    These politicians will receive a personal letter to the House Select Committee, which asks them to open their bank accounts to be control over the movements of suspicious transfers of specified amounts traded at specific times. We learn that, although they did not agree to open their own accounts, they will move the anticipated legal proceedings. However, the list is not closed, as assured by both parties, and is expected in the coming days to be enriched as the agreement of the Commission of Inquiry provides and deputy ministers who are involved in the signing and implementation of programming contracts between government and Siemens, and Variations of their contracts (period 1997-2006).

    Mr. Tzavaras commented that “the fact that included in the list does not prejudge porismatiki finding them involved in the scandal, nor any suspicious relationship” and The whole treatment caused the reactions of the Left. Communist Party MP, Mr A. Pafilis said that “although decided under the criteria would be required to control the accounts, but no final decision on such persons. In the same length and MP SYRIZA Mr. D. Papadimoulis stressed that “the list of names released an arbitrary action of the two major parties».

    Yesterday, moreover, the PASOK lady presented to the Royal Tsonoglou Commission internal briefing document signed by the Siemens M. Christoforakos, showing the time (August 2004) Minister of Finance Mr. George Alogoskoufis and Transport Communications, Mr. M. Liapis characterizing reliable company and enabler for solving problems in on the rolling stock of the OSE.

    The document is dated August 30, 2004, in the report of Debevoise and reportedly indicated that this positive attitude of the two ministers for cooperation with Siemens, and in- always the lady-Tsonoglou allegedly left implicitly indicate that they were guaranteed freedom of movement as members of the then government’s handling of the case.

    Finally, a letter to Commission President S. Valyraki sent Yesterday, the journalist Mr. P. Tsimas, who regards the involvement of his name or on trips with Mr Christoforakos either in gifts received by Siemens to roll indicates that the festival had “friendly, family relationship” and that “the knowledge and relationship with him goes back in time and in the unannounced environment so irrelevant to my professional status and its own. “Neither the company Siemens had never been any connection whatsoever, fair, or even more so unfair ‘notes Mr Tsimas.

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