Open the With digital ticket the entrance to the stadiums from April 9

With a digital ticket, the entrance will take place on April 9th, while today Sunday (31.3.2024) the ticket platform and fans can be informed how to add theirs to Wallet and how to identify it. As announced by the Minister of Digital Governance, Dimitris Papastergiou and Deputy Minister of Sports Giannis Brutsis regarding measures against popular violence, the new process of identification for tickets on the stadiums will be carried out by the digital wallet, wallet. However, it is necessary for those who have not downloaded it to their mobile phone to register on the National Register of Communication (EMEP), the As Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has pointed out “no matter how difficult it is to fight the so-called group violence, we will continue the effort and struggle to win this battle.” In the same direction Mr Papastergiou, who has noted that “the triptych “new legislation, cameras, identification” guarantees the great change that takes place in the field of Greek sport. As a Ministry of Digital Governance, we use all available technological tools to identify them in the most modern and safe way. We take advantage of the possibilities that our digital wallet, Wallet, provides us with, so that in a simple and friendly way, we and our children can enter the stadiums.” It is necessary to register with EMP before Wallet Citizens to use the Wallet application will need personal passwords on Taxisnet and certified mobile phone number, which is certified exclusively through the registration of data on the National Communication Register (EMP). Specifically, for adults, registration is initially made on the National Register of Communication (on the platform), connected to the wallet via taxis, choose the ticket and then enter the ticket on the wallet and then the QR Code or Barcode appears, with which each fan will enter the stadium. As far as minors over 15 years of age, who have personal TAXISnet credentials and their mobile phone is registered at EMP –, they will follow the same process as adults for entering the stadiums with Wallet. In the case of minors under 15 years of age, their entry to the stadium will take place if their parent or guardian identifies the ticket and stores it in the application. If the minor is accompanied by another adult, during the ticket identification process, anyone who has custody or custody declares the adult VAT to accompany the minor, provided that the adult attendant has already identified and stored his own ticket at Wallet. According to information at the start of the implementation of the new way of entering the stadiums and by the end of the current season, fans will be able to enter the competition venues both with their ticket to Wallet, as well as the way it applies today.