Opel continues to withdraw!

The response of consumers to the “Retirement & Exchange” program is excellent. Opel’s program comes to give the solution to the owners of older cars of all brands whose cost of use and maintenance is high enough in relation to their commercial value. Candidate customers can visit an Opel Exhibition, where they will receive the greatest benefit of the market for their used. It is worth noting that this benefit can reach up to €3,500, depending on the new model Opel to be selected. As a result, the prospective customer has the opportunity to acquire a brand new, ready to deliver Opel, which will be more reliable and secure, with advanced, efficient engines, modern security systems, technological innovations and 5 year factory guarantee. Opel and wanting to respond effectively to increased demand and orders, Opel gives an extension to the “Retirement & Exchange” program for March! More information and details about the Opel Withdrawal & Exchange program are provided in , as well as in .