One-day excursion near Athens: Four guaranteed options

A one-day trip near Athens is set up at any time – regardless of the season. To escape the routine of the city and everyday life and enjoy a few relaxed moments in nature. And the truth is that we have many choices and even without having to go many miles away from the capital. So we can win all day enjoying our ride. Whether you choose to go a little further or a little closer, you will surely find the destination that will relax you. Ideal for our days… The constant value of the Sunday excursion within walking distance from the center of Athens. As soon as you get in the car, you’ll feel relaxed and get into a climate of excursion. The mountain next door is always the way out for your ride in Attica. To exercise in nature, to walk on paths and relax with a ride without crowding and buzzing. If you choose it for your next one-day trip, remember to go to the chapel that has a unique view of Athens… on the plate. .