On Thursday, April 4th, the new issue of the Orthodox Ark is released.

On Thursday, April 4 the Orthodox Ark offers you two collectible icons dedicated to the grace of the Virgin Mary to choose PANAIA ELIGIBLENESS Copy of mural from the Monastery of Chora in Constantinople by hand Ioanna Karadimitri The Monastery of Chora is the most important monument of the Palaiologos era, with the famous frescoes and the unmatched mosaics of the 11th century, which are no longer visible to the public, due to the recent conversion of the monument into a Muslim mosque. PANAGIA ELEUSA, comes from the western part, where it has been decorated with scenes from the Old Testament, which are pre-images of the Virgin Mary, thus forming by painting means, an anthem to the mother of all Christians, the Virgin Mary. or Holy Mother of Jerusalem The Holy Picture of the Virgin Mary of Jerusalem dates back to the 19th century AD and was written by the nun Tatiani, at the foot of the Mount of Olives. This miraculous icon is found in the Holy Pilgrimage of the Theometorical Memory of Gethsemane. Byzantine style wooden with embossed gold printing with an excerpt from the Sacred Sequence at the back of the icon For earlier inserts of the Ark, information and orders, please contact +30 210 692321, books@ikivotos.gr Daily, except for weekends from 10:00 a.m. to 15:00 p.m.