Olympic qualification claims Jacobidis, Georgopoulou and Kardaras to lift weights

For Phuket, Thailand the National team departed to take part in the World Cup which is the last qualification match for them in Paris. The mission includes Thodoris Iakovidis (89k.) and Sophia Georgopoulou (59k.) and Maria Kardaras (59k.) while with them is the Federal Coach Thodoris Fourtounis and accompanied by Valerios Leonidis. The three athletes who are in good condition will claim their last chances of taking part in the Olympics. The program of the Greeks : Tuesday 2 April Maria Kardara with 195 kg in the 4th Grup of 59κ. (07.00) Wednesday, April 3 Sofia Georgopoulou with 210 kg in the 3rd Grup of 59κ. (09.30) Friday, April 5 Thodoris Iakovidis with 355 kg in the 2nd Grup of 89κ. (12.30) The Greek team to return on 7 April are accompanied by the wishes of the President of the Greek Federation of Weightlifting Theanos Zagliveris: “I want to wish the two athletes and our athlete good luck in the difficult struggle ahead. I’m sure they’ll give their best to claim participation in the Olympics, which is every athlete’s biggest dream. “