Olympic Games: The EOC presented the Olympic team’s appearances and the new Pretoria

She thanked the sponsors and presented the new outfits of the Priests, the Olympic team, the new Prostheria and the new composer in view of Paris. In a brilliant event at the seat of the Greek Olympic Committee, the UN said a great thank you to its sponsors and supporters, presented the new Presbyteria Mary Minas, the new composer of the Festival of the Flame Dimitris Papadimitriou and the new costumes of the Priestess. They were also presented by six athletes and athletes, the 4F company clothes that the Greek mission will wear at the Olympic Games “Paris 2024”. The event was opened by President of the Greek Olympic Committee Spyros Capralos who first thanked the sponsors: “We are particularly happy that you are here today, all the people, companies and bodies, you have supported and continue to support the Greek Olympic Committee, in trying to help high-level athletes qualify for the Olympic Games. All of you who share our anticipation and enthusiasm. And thank you through our hearts. But, dear colleagues and friends, a simple thank you is not enough for everything you have offered. We invited you today to express our gratitude and honor you as without your contribution we would not have been able to strengthen more than 200 athletes and athletes in their Olympic preparation. And these numbers are not simple numbers or any discrimination. They’re decades’ labor, deprivations, hard work. They are, above all, dreams of young athletes who raise Greece higher daily. “ At the event attended by the Deputy Minister of Sports Giannis Brutsis, the President of the Committee on Marketing, Nikos Doctorou, addressed: “In addition to the 15 TOR IOC sponsors, on Greek soil we succeeded in having with us: five gold sponsors, two major sponsors, 16 supporters, four partner institutions, three academic partners, NOVA as a Gold communication sponsor as well as four sponsors who will contribute to the better organization and support of our team in Paris, a total of 35 sponsors. In addition, more than 60 direct sponsorships to our athletes, under the umbrella of the program “Register an athlete” that started after the Rio Olympics, from an idea of President Spyros Kapralos and who, from the results, met and knows great success. I deliberately left for the end, 2 sponsorships of “special purpose”, as we could describe them. The gold sponsorship of the Mytilene Group which along with the sponsorships of SIDEnor and NOE companies, led to the reposition of the iconic Olympic Circles in Kallimarmaro Stadium and the internationally renowned Greek designer, Mrs Mary Katrantzou.” The award followed the award of all the sponsors and supporters of the Greek Olympic Committee, as well as all those participating in the program “Apply an athlete on the Road to Paris”, with these awards being made by athletes who have qualified for the Summer Olympics. At the event, the President of the Olympic Lampadria Committee of the EOC Thanasis Vasiliadis presented the new Prototyreia, the award-winning actress Mary Minas and the new music composer, the renowned internationally renowned Dimitris Papadimitriou and announced that at the Olympic Flame Ceremonies it will be: “our own Nana Muscuri, the internationally renowned presenter Nikos Aliagas, the internationally renowned soprano Joyce DiDonato, the Prime Minister Mary Mina, the choreographer Artemis Ignatiou, the composer Dimitris Papadimitriou, as well as the soprano Myrsin Margaritis and the tenor Babis Velissarios. Also the artistic director Fokas Evangelinos, the musical ensembles and the choir of ERT, Children’s choirs, the women’s choir CHORES and WolvesTeam.” At a particularly touching moment, the Greek Olympic Committee with the choreographer of the Olympic Flame Artemi Ignatiou, honored the previous Presbyteria of Xanthi Georgiou, composer Giannis Psimadas and costume designer Eleni Kyriakou. With an event by two Priestess and one Curos, designed by the choreographer Artemis Ignatiou, the new costumes of the Priestess were presented at the Flame Ceremony that gained everyone’s applause. The new outfits that have many ancient Greek elements created by international renowned designer Mary Katrantzou who was honored by the President of the EOE Spyros Kapralos and the President of the Marketing Committee Nicos Doctor. There was also the presentation of the 4F company’s sports clothing that will dress Team Hellas at the Olympic Games “Paris 2024”. In a model role the champions and champions Evangelia Plataniotis (art swimming), Alexandra Asimakis (water polo), Christina Bourbou (footballing), Stefanos Duskos ( rowing), Dimitris Markos (swimming) and Manos Zerdevas (water polo). The companies, bodies and persons awarded by the EEA: HOURGORIES Eline, Delta Iso, HERBALIFE, ALLIANZ, TOTAL ENERGIES, Katerina Katopi, Marina Koutarelli, QUIALCO, KOTSOVOLOS, Nova, EREN, TOYOTA, Aegean, Go Shipping, Ostracon, PAEGAE Storage Company, 4F OLYMPIATIC CYKELS IN THE Panathinaikos Stadium MYTILINEOS, SIDENOR, NOE, Prof. George Panetsos, Niki Kourtis, Vassilis Gregoriou, Nursery Alexiou. TELETES OF THE OLYMPIAKE FLOGAS KOKKE, Erre Due, PETROGAZ, ELINOIL, DELTA ISO, COCA-COLA, ATTICA GROUP, Ancient Greek Sandals. AKADEMANS Department of Sports Excellence – Sports Excellence, University of Nicosia (UNIC), COLLEGE IDEF and the Hellenic Open University Foundations Paul & Alexandra Kanellopoulou, ‘A.G. Leventis and Ioannis Spyros Latsis. HOSPITAL INSTITUTIONS Henry Dunan, Euromedica, Euroclinic and Health. Holmes, Body Fit