Olympiacos wrote history in Europe: Second time 6-1 and qualification in quarterfinals after 25 years

He achieved an unprecedented reversal against and with the 6-1 victory in the extension, qualified for the Conference League quarterfinals, making history for the team. 6-1 over Maccabi Tel Aviv, is the largest score in Olympiacos’ win in Europe, having been repeated once more in the Europa League, when he had defeated the Albanian Besa in 2010, with a scorer of Dudu (2), Maresca (2), Fetfajidis and Darbyshire. The Pirates had of course scored 6 goals and in the unforgettable 6–2 win over Bayer Leverkuzen in the Champions League. The victory over Maccabi Tel Aviv, however, also led to the qualification in the quarter-final European event, for the first time since 1999, when with Dusan Bajevich as coach had reached the 8th of the Champions League, where he was eliminated by Juventus.