Olympiacos – Panathinaikos: “Protect the team, do not respond to all kinds of challenges” warn Piraeus

Upon its announcement, the CDE gives instructions and recommendations to the team’s friends, in view of tonight’s big match with him at the SEF, for Euroleague (19:45, Newsit.gr, Novasports Prime). On the day of the derby with Panathinaikos in Euroleague, Olympiacos issued an announcement asking his fans – who have exhausted the tickets to the SEF – to support the team exclusively with the strength of their voice, not to use Lasers and Smokes and not to answer any kind of challenge. Olympiacos BC’s announcement: “We’re going to fight one more battle, based firmly on the strength of our voice alone! The SEF will also be tonight (14/03, 19:45) suffocatingly full, as for weeks the tickets to the Panathinaikos race have been out of date. Those who have secured their position ARE REQUIRED to give their best and above all to protect our team! Support the effort of George Bartzokas and his players with the power of your voice, DO NOT use Laser and Smoke and DO NOT respond to any kind of challenge. Following the recent amendments of Law 2725/199 and the expanded responsibilities laid down for the Hellenic Republic, we are faced with a new reality where the help and contribution of all fans is needed. In order to enjoy the showdown, we would all like to ask you to follow my instructions. Field doors will open 2 hours before the race (at 17:45). Please come to the SEF early enough, as there is a chance of crowding the entrance doors just before jabal. We inform you that both within and around the stadium doors, a high-definition camera system is in operation under the law and that any misconduct is recorded and punished under law. It is strictly forbidden to use tobacco, crackers and lasers, as there is a serious risk of punishment for our group. Please follow closely the instructions of the race leaders. Olympiacos BC, using additional staff, is trying to improve the process of approach and entry, but it is necessary to have all fans present in time and strict compliance with the instructions of the race leaders. With regard to the permanent holders who are entitled to access the parking Valet, A and B please display the special parking card purchased by Olympiacos BC upon receipt of their season ticket. Otherwise, parking spaces will not be allowed. Fans with no right to use parking are requested not to approach the stadium as traffic problems arise. All fans are also requested to follow traffic and police directions around the field and not park in places that are likely to cause trouble as there will be a risk of moving their vehicle. Entrance from the doors of Media and Athletes is only allowed to those accredited for the specific entrances from Olympiacos BC and to anyone else. It is also recommended that the players in the race have and demonstrate in every necessary case their relevant accreditation, as they will not be allowed to move and access the premises of the stadium. Because the race is sold out and the volume of fans will be great, please for strict observance of the above.”