Olympiacos – Mars: Not Papanikolaou and Petrusev

He welcomes Mars to the SEF for the first race of the second phase (17:15, ERT3) , without Kostas Papanikolaou and Philip Petrusev. With two absences Olympiacos will join the game with Mars in the SEF for the first game of the second phase of the Basket League. In particular Philip Petrusev and Kostas Papanikolaou, were left out of the mission, with the leader of the reds taking breaths in view of the difficult follow-up and the Serbian forward not yet fully overcome the bone swelling he suffered. Analystly the twelveth of Olympiacos : Walkap, Williams-Goss, Lungzis, Mitru-Long, Kanaan, Laredzak, McKishik, Aboshi, Peters, Falt, Wright, Tanoulis.

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