Olympiacos – Mars LIVE for the 3rd Super League playoff game 1

He faces Mars for the 3rd Super League 1 playoff match and wants to return to the positive results, after defeating the AEK to OPAP Arena. Having been left behind in the Super League 1 rating, Olympiacos “burns” for the victory, against the elevated Mars, who has the opportunity to “pick” the difference between the two teams, which is now 9 points. Watch LIVE Olympiacos – Mars from Newsit.gr Olympiacos won both matches with Mars during the regular league duration, which had to happen since the 2019–20 season. Last season Mars lost just one of three games for the league, in a regular season and Playoffs. It prevailed in both at its headquarters 2-1 and their home match with Olympiacos for the Playoffs ended tied 2-2. This tie is also the only hit for the Yellows in the series of their games in the last four years for the Playoffs, after Olympiacos counts three wins in the other games between them. Aris’ last victory at the Olympiacos headquarters was on 27 January 2002 with 1–0 and since then Olympiacos has won the 18 out of 22 games that he has received Mars for the championship, with the other four matches being tied. 64 MEETINGS 47 NINE OLYMPIACOS 12 ISOPALS 5 NINE ARIS GALL: 129-47