Olga Gerovasil: I do not regret, I will not be the head of internal opposition in Syriza

‘ I am the head of an internal party opposition to him,” noted the first position following the turbulent congress of SYRIZA, in which she expressed her intention to be a candidate for the party against Stefanos Kasselakis. Olga Gerovasili, speaking on ANT1’s television about the domestic developments in Syriza, noted that: “When I believe something, I serve it consistently and without purpose. It’s not something that can stop me when I want to communicate with my positions. There’s no reason to regret it. I’m not explosive.” In fact, she noted initially speaking of her candidacy that “I didn’t take over, I was commissioned”, but then she reworded saying “I wasn’t assigned, I decided it myself.” He noted, however, that what happened at the Syriza Conference, “was not a pleasant moment” and stressed “To be useful one should also bear this, even the “balls”, I endured and I can bear these “balls”. The President of SYRIZA-PS made an invitation and a challenge and I responded to it. He may have thought he made an invitation that someone else had made, but I responded to Stephen Kasselakis’ invitation.” “I don’t feel any wrinkled, it’s not a process that we can talk about winners and losers, politics has contradictions and setbacks. We must be useful in our country and in the space that everyone wants to serve. What I wanted to say in detail also in my position at the Conference and I said it from a soul, about Syriza’s course in relation to our political goal,” added Mrs. Gerovasili. In a question for Alexis Tsipras’ last statements, he replied that “the former Prime Ministers, like Alexis Tsipras, may express himself freely, are placed as they please. I will not comment on his speeches or point out what he will do. He will do what Alexis Tsipras wants.” Referring to Alexis Tsipras’ assumptions of wrong government manipulations over SYRIZA in major cases, Olga Gerovasil said: “What other former Prime Minister has made public self-criticism, as required? You’ve heard of it. Prime Minister to do such self-criticism as Alexis Tsipras did?”. He then defended the view that “Novartis’s issue was the biggest scandal since the recommendation of the Greek State”, but he spoke “of manipulation errors and not intentions, because of which the guilty and the innocent seem to enter the same sack.” “In Greece the rule of law is threatened by the Government and Kyriakos Mitsotakis rather than by Mr. Arvanitis, who argued that the funds should not be missing from the EU because of the shortcomings in the rule of law,” said Gerovasilis. He also mentioned relations with Stefanos Kasselakis saying that “the same night that the Conference ended I made a statement and it is valid. The Conference is the dominant instrument of SYRIZA, I am what I am, but I am also SYRIZA – PS. Stefanos Kasselakis has himself announced a conference of re-establishment of the party. I’ve disagreed with others within the party. As in each party, there are different views and compositions.” He stressed that: “White check has no one in life” and completed that: “That night I said that the Congress spoke and is the dominant institution. I said that before us we have a crucial battle of the European elections and therefore we join in and go ahead for the European elections.” “Our goal in the European elections is to have a greater percentage than today’s poll record and to maintain second place,” he noted. Olga Gerovasili pointed out with meaning that “I am the head of internal opposition to Syriza I do not become. I’ll always say my opinion inside and outside the party. First I am with my country and then with Syriza and I have an obligation to have an alternative government proposal for the country.”