Old Christian for the party preparing: Yesterday I spoke with Philip Kampouris

About the party that Manolis, the Paleochristian we met in her impromptu “lagums” and referred to the possibility of working with Laos and . “I spoke with Philip Kampouris yesterday and told him that I have no right to be elected because I am not in Taxis. I said I would make a party not that I would be a candidate myself,” the Old Christian explained from the case in the Mountain Community. “We build a minority party and I will be secretary. We expect it to be approved by the Areopagos,” he told the ANTI morning show with George Liaga. “I don’t know if the party will work with Philip Kampouris’ party. I told him we had some ideological differences. I am of the patriotic Left and he of the Right. But anyone who loves country and religion could…”. Asked about the position of the new party preparing, for the marriage of same-sex couples, Paleo-Christian stressed that “there is no sense that homosexual is more sinful. The clergy can make a decision, an announcement that those clergymen who are homosexual should be immediately removed from the hierarchy… Do you think there are no homosexual clergy?” he asked with meaning

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