Objective values: Reductions everywhere says the ministry of finance – Examples

Avoid – currently – the ministry of Finance of the island of skopelos the necessary adjustment…
the objective values in the levels of trade price, in accordance with information, the finding of the special committees leads to reductions everywhere, even in areas where commercial values seem to remain at higher levels of the Price Band.
The question that remains to be answered shortly is how you “lock” the collection of puffs 2,650 billion euros, and in 2016 from the estate tax, from the moment you adopted the recommendation for reductions everywhere, resulting in an average 20% reduction in the objective values.
Since time didn’t exist – the constitution of the Committee for the city of Athens took place on 23 November – the analysis of the situation was not per area, as was the case in the past, but horizontal. Thus, the Athens – accordingly moved, and the Panels in Thessaloniki, in Piraeus and Patras – divided into 8 Zones based on the Values of a Zone and not per region, as follows:
600 – eur 1,000/t.m.
1.050 – 1.500 euro/t.m.
1.550 – 2.000 euro/sq.m.
2.050 – 2.500 euro/t.m.
2.550 – 3.000 euro/sq.m.
3.050 – € 3500/sq.m.
3.550 – 4,000 euros/t.m.
4.050 eur/t.m. and over
The information indicate that the original recommendation of the Committee was for an average reduction of 40%, but after consultation and fermentations, the final recommendation results in a 20% reduction on average. As mentioned features members of the Committee, in the consultation have not been taken into account only the data of the market (contracts) but were taken into account and the impact on banks, which are known to enter on their books the values of the mortgage, based on the data of 2007.
In particular, for the so-called “cheap” areas, i.e., where the Values Zone to reach the approximately 1,000 euros, the recommendation is for a reduction of 5%, with the exception of the very low Prices (about eur 600/t.m.), where they will remain at current levels. This paper has a strong political “perfume”, as it is known in these areas, the trade prices are set at higher levels of objective values, and this in strictly economic terms, should lead to increases in values in those areas. This was, after all, the problem and of the previous government, when we started the discussions with the Troika on the adjustment of the objective values.
For the “medium-sized” areas (1.550 to 3.000 euros/t.m.), that’s the bulk of urban real estate, the report of the Commission is for a reduction of 15 – 20%, which is not far from reality. Regarding the “expensive” areas, the final recommendation is for a reduction of 10%, while the initial recommendation was for reductions of 20 – 30%, giving in this case a political “smell”, given that the market data show much larger reductions in the trade price.
If ultimately the ministry of Finance adopt fully these suggestions, the question remains to be answered is how exactly it will shape the real estate tax of 2016, which will succeed the ENFIA.
The intention of the economic staff is to transfer the weights to the “haves”, however, as are agents with direct knowledge of the negotiations with the lenders, in such case you will need to ensure that the rate of collection will remain at the current high levels of 82%. Members of the Committee are concerned, also, about how will be affected and the remaining property taxes i.e. duty-free for all kinds of transfers (buying a first home, parental benefits, donations, inheritances), while any change in the Rates Area will be gripped and the limits of protection for the auction of the main residence.
Apartment 90 sq.m. in Aigáleo
current objective value: their 76,500 euros
Apartment of 120 sq.m. in Chaidari
current objective value: eur 108.000
new value: 102.600 €
Apartment of 100 sq.m. in Heliopolis
current objective value: 190.000 euros
new value: 161.500 – 152.000 euro
Apartment of 150 sq.m. in Holargos
current objective value: 330.000 euro
new value: 280.500 – 264.000 eur
Apartment of 120 sq.m. in New york. Eritrea
current objective value: 432.000 euros
new value: 388.800 eur
Apartment of 160 sq.m. in Glyfada
current objective value: 736.000 euro
new value: 662.400 euro