NRA doctors will be able to work in the private sector: In consultation with the bill

In public consultation until Tuesday 19 March his fundraising . This draft law will include provisions whereby ‘green light’ will be given to doctors in the NIS to work in the private sector. The Ministry of Health bill, entitled: “Public health actions – Arrangements to strengthen the National Health System”, was put into public electronic consultation today, Thursday, March 7th. The bill includes provisions on the charging of citizens with costs for diagnostic examinations and the vaccination of COVID-19 in pharmacies, as well as a provision on extending the possibility of the physicians of the E.S.Y. to carry out a private project “using their clinical experience and establishing the conditions and conditions necessary for it”, as stated. Please note that it is the first time since the establishment of the NSO that the ban on the parallel employment of doctors serving in the public system with a permanent and exclusive working relationship, to work in private clinics or to be consultants in companies is lifted. The Minister of Health, Adonis Georgiades, said “proud” of these radical reforms taking place in the NIS: “On January 4 I swore Minister of Health for the second time. On March 7, our first fundraising bill is put into public consultation to solve as quickly as possible chronic problems of the National Health System. As most important of all, I see the expansion of doctors’ ability to perform private work by using their clinical experience, so that we give further incentives to make the doctor’s position in the NSS more attractive as well as the solution of any issues created by the operation of afternoon surgeries. In addition, there are many provisions which in their entirety will greatly help the system to function. I am proud that we moved at lightning speed,” he noted. As described in Article 7 of the bill, the income of the physicians of the ESY from their participation in the conduct of afternoon surgeries is considered to be ‘a private project income’. Other arrangements in the fundraising bill Also, the bill refers to addressing immediate issues of health structures and Health Regions, as well as issues relating to medical and nursing specialties. Also important is the issue referred to by the Ministry of Health as a question of ‘rationalisation and containment of pharmaceutical expenditure’, with the introduction of charges to the citizen from 1 April of the amount of EUR 1 and EUR 3 per referral for diagnostic microbiological and imaging examinations to EOPY providers, but also the introduction of the 5 euro for the transit of vaccinations against COVID-19 in pharmacies, again at citizen’s expense. The bill also includes: The gathering of the supply of hospital medicinal products to a body, the National Central Authority of Health Supplies (C.C.A.P.Y.), with a view to the faster clearance and payment of suppliers of hospitals of the E.S.Y. and the General Hospital of Thessaloniki (G.N.T. ) “PAPAGEORGE”. Resolution of matters of supervised bodies of the Ministry of Health, in particular the National Public Health Organisation (E.O. D.Y.), of the National Health Services Agency (E.O.P. Y.Y.) and the National Central Health Supply Authority (ECAAP). Y.). The achievement of vaccination coverage and better monitoring of the progression of the transmission of Covid-19 disease, To promote rapid implementation of the projects of the Ministry of Health’s Recovery and Durability Fund. The draft law will remain in public consultation until Tuesday 19 March 2024. source: – Reportage: Janna Soulaki