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NOW – The RESULT of the 7% of polling stations across the country!

According to the information imparted, the Step of 99.5, from the first results, which include 7% of the polling stations of the region, without there are effects from urban centers, first with a big difference on the election of the president of the SOUTHWEST comes Evangelos Meimarakis.
Mr Meimarakis collects a percentage of the order of 45%, in the second place, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, with a rate of 22%, third, the Apostle Tzitzikostas, with a rate of 20% and a fourth the part adonis Georgiadis, with a rate of 10%.

And the prime Minister of England, an advocate of the electronic cigarette: electronic cigarette is a main way of improving the health of the nation”

The subject of the e-cigarette and high success rates in smoking cessation has arrived at the highest political level in the United Kingdom, with prime minister David Cameron to stresses, following a parliamentary question, that…
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