None Dunia: My thought was that everything would be fine and I would be healthy again

“It crossed my mind that something bad might happen,” says the interview in Sasha Stamatis and in the Secret insert of Parapolitics, on the occasion of her nomination in the European elections, Noni Dunia granted. Among other things, he talked about women’s suicides in our country and the health problem he faced. What is the position of woman in Europe today? Women in Europe today have clearly far more opportunities and opportunities than they have in the past. They trust her more easily, treated with greater respect, judged almost equal to men. I say ‘almost’ because we still have a long way to go until we say that women and men receive exactly the same trust in their work, judged only on the basis of their value and objective qualifications. We are all here, however, to “cover” any distance between us and real gender equality. Personally, I will fight for the absolute equal position of women in Europe. Lernaia Hydra the gender violence and women’s suicides in Greece. Do you think this can change? Indeed, unfortunately, women’s killings are a scourge of our time. Clearly, this extremely unpleasant reality can change. However, in order to do this, we ourselves must change culture and mentality. The mothers of boys should teach our children to respect women, but also generally respect their fellowman and the value of human life. There is no magic wand to eliminate this tragic phenomenon. There must be serious structural changes in the Greek family and society. Does your partner also support you in this effort? Absolutely! My partner always supports me in every dream and struggle. It is my most valuable support. Like, I want to think about him, too. You revealed a serious health adventure you had. What were your thoughts? Usha nature an optimistic man, my thought was that everything would be fine and I would be healthy again. Even at a time when, humanly, it occurred to me that something bad might happen, I “shut it out” immediately. What did you tell your children? That I’m going to do a planned, necessary surgery for my health and that everything will be fine. I carried them that they should take it loose, without fear, with power and humor. And so they took it.