None Donia: I knew that at some point I would have to operate, it was from birth

‘ I’ve had a fatigue in the last few years before surgery” A full-length interview was given by Noni Donia to Michael Kefalogiannis, when she was invited to “Everything for Our Life Vita” on Sunday morning, where she referred to the heart valve condition. “The word valvidopathy was first heard when I was a little girl who was involved in sports. So we’ve often found that there’s a mitral valve prolapse. The advice was not to change anything, to continue sports, but as I grew there were restrictions on the weights I had to lift or how much I had to strain my heart aerobically. All that from 30 onwards. I knew at some point I’d have to operate. It was by birth this” originally confessed the well-known model. “It did not create stress and anxiety but I knew that I should always take an antibiotic and protect myself. I’ve had a fatigue in the last few years before surgery, which I did in my 48 years. I repaired my valve, I did not replace it,” Noni Dunia added.