Non-state universities: Request for unconstitutionalism from Syriza with the “good morning” in the debate on the bill in Parliament

An application for unconstitutionality on the part of Legal Persons of University Education was submitted by his Parliamentary Group at the beginning of the debate in the plenary session of the House on ‘. As SYRIZA Parliamentary Representative Theodora Jackris said at the beginning of the debate in the House on non-state universities, in breach of Article 16 of the Constitution, the intended Legal Persons of University Education are Legal Persons of Private Law and not Public Law, while the relevant articles do not ensure the academic self-government of NSPs, provide for different conditions of access of students to NSPs against public universities, and do not contain guarantees in favour of the professors of NSPs. Objection of unconstitutionality also lodged the KKE, Greek Solution and KO “Victory”. In his speech, the New Left parliamentary representative, Eucle. Chakalotos, proposed to PASOK, Syriza, the KKE, and the Freedom Sea, “to jointly submit a motion of disbelief”. The debate on the request for unconstitutionalism will take place after the parties’ rapporteurs have completed their positions on the bill.