Non-State Universities: “Battle” begins in Parliament – The government’s strategy against “no” SYRIZA and PASOK

“Battle” positions are being taken in plenary today by the Government and the opposition over them, which is voted on Friday. The educational reform brings to… “characterisms” the N.D. with Syriza and PASOK for their refusal to support the Non-State Universities bill. “Frontern” Mitsotakis and Androulakis The aim of the government and personally of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is expected to enter PASOK and Nikos Androulakis, for his conversion from… “We will not stand in the way of the establishment of non-state universities” in… “no” in the bill. A stop that the Maximus Mansion characterizes… “explainable”. “With the bill we establish a strict regulatory framework that will apply to everyone. The President of PASOK essentially asks that we arbitrarily exclude certain branches of foreign universities and qualify for others…” states government executive, leaving clear spikes against N. Androulakis. In the government “radar” the differences within PASOK Furthermore, the government is expected to show that the President of PASOK did not convince his deputies of his new position and was forced to impose party discipline. In the “radar” of Maximos and Piraeus the explosive climate was found yesterday in the informal Parliamentary Group of PASOK, where Parliament Vice-President Odysseas Konstantinopoulos stressed that the party did not convince people about the positions in the contested bill… “This puts us in a difficult position. George Papandreou voted for the Non-State Universities in 2006 over Karamanlis and was in favour of Non-State Universities. Evangelos Venizelos, who then did not support the revision of Article 16, is now in favour and does not raise a question of unconstitutionalism,” Mr. Constantinopoulos stressed. In fact, he protested that “PASOK falls into the government’s “trap”…”. “As in the bill on epistolic vote, where the government brought an unacceptable amendment and instead of voting against the amendment, we voted against the whole bill. We gave the government the opportunity to say that PASOK does not want you to vote with an epistolic vote,” Constantineopoulos stressed. “There is a problem of institutional functioning of the Parliamentary Group. We’re not employees. We cannot ratify decisions that come at the last minute. Are you putting the subject of party discipline?” Nadia Giannakopoulou reacted from her side. In addition, Parliamentary Representative of the party Michalis Katrinis protested that the Political Council should have been convened, Milena Apostolakis stressed that at least two meetings of the Parliamentary Group should have been held to date, while Apostolos Panas said that there were issues of political operation. “The attitude of Syriza” In the government’s eye, Syriza and personally his President, Stefanos Kasselakis, whom the Maximou Mansion accuses of hypocrisy. His complaints support two facts. First, in the fact that Mr. Kasselakis studied in America at a non-State, Nonprofit University. “Today he refuses to support children who can’t, like him, go abroad to study,” states government factor characteristics. The second element, to which the government will support its objections to the hypocrisy of SYRIZA, is the order it had brought in 2018, with retroactive effect since 2014, former Minister of Education of the government Tsipras, Kostas Gavroglu, who recognized degrees from international organizations. According to Kyriakos Pierrakakis, the Gavroglu provision “recognised that the cross-borderity of the qualifications of the AEI “international organizations” is “outside the regulatory scope of Article 16 of the Constitution” and provided that the higher education qualifications of international organisations in which the Greek Republic participates are equal to the qualifications of the Greek Universities. How does N.D. read “no” Kasselakis and Androulakis In Maximos and Piraeus they include the negative attitude of Androulaki and Kasselakis in the controversial bill, as part of the “conscionation” between them about the prevalence in the second place of the political scene, which the Prime Minister is expected to highlight on Friday in his speech in Parliament.