Nikos Karvelas: The laconic answer for the interview with Niki Lyberakis

He, after the interview he gave in and the song novels exchanged in MEGA’s “air”, was at the heart of criticism and commentary from all entertainment shows. Addressing Niki Lyberakis he said among others: “I was notified before I came that the people you’re trying to get into trouble are unfortunately those who did the damage to the country. You’re probably one of them. You have to apologize to the people they see, and tomorrow you will see to it that this man… You manage to waste half an hour on whether I said that Parliament is entirely a cesspool. The conversation with you is a little disappointing.” “I’m here, but you forbid me to talk to you? Is someone allowed to have an opinion against you?” she asked. A while ago, the well-known creator gave his answer through his personal Instagram account. View this post on Instagram Uploading a black and white photo of him, Nikos Karvelas wrote: “Truth is always strained” and added hashtag with the title of his book, “#nosophie”.